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Oriental Rugs

Hand-knotted Persian Carpet has long history in Persian civilisation. The very first -Pazyrik- belongs to 2500 years ago which was discovered by Russian Professor Sergei Rudenko in 1949 during the excavation of burial mounds in Southern Siberia, close to the border with Mongolia. The burial mounds were located in the Altai Mountains in the Pazeryk Valley.

Persian carpet was considered valuable luxury item especially in countries of the hometowns. It was a kind of flooring and home decorative product until 100 years ago, and artistic aspects of its colour, texture, and manner of style, was underrated and unappreciated. This is why all hand-knotted Persian carpets with over 2400 year’s history have been lost, except a limited numbers.

Persian rug was and is valuable product in their hometowns; From the artistic aspect such as; elegance, colour, the way it was produced and the way of preparation of raw materials, Persian rug was not in the centre of people's concentration. For this reason, majority of hand-made Persian Carpets have been destroyed except some of them, one has been found in Russia:

19th century onwards, the art collectors and art enthusiasts showed their interest by collecting and preserving historic and artistic work as well as the Persian Carpets. This product found itself rather gradually in museums and exhibitions along with valuable paintings, famous sculptures and other handcrafts. Nowadays, in the world's greatest museums, Persian Carpets are shown alongside with the other valuable artistic works.


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If required we can also provide you with a replacement of your rug, similar to yours, while is still under renovation.

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If required we can also provide you with a replacement of your rug, similar to yours, while is still under renovation.

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