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Rug Cleaning Process

 1- Choosing the right way to washing the carpet

All rugs that arriving for cleaning to our workshop in London, inspected for any pre-existing conditions. The pre-wash inspection allows us to choose the correct method of cleaning any Persian or Oriental rug. We test the dyes of the carpet for  for colourfastness. If the dyes are not colourfast, then the carpet will be prepared by setting the dyes. in this way, we will prevent the mixing of the colours by washing.

2 – Deep, through and complete Rug dusting

Before Traditional Hand-washing we do deep dusting to pull out the particles of sand that placed in the depth of the rug. By the traffic on the carpet these particles will act like glass cumbs  and destroy the pile of the rug or carpet, Also, washing a rug with fine grit and dirt in the foundation will turn this dry soil into mud.

3 – Rug stain Removal

Professionally rubbing off any possible Stain such as: Pet urine stain, A wine stain, Coffee stain, Tea stain on the Rug

4 - Washing throughout and complete the Rug

A - Removal of soil and sand residues with cold water pressure from the back and surface of the carpet.

B - Washing the back and front of the Rug with cold water and non-chemical shampoo using soft brushes.

C– Removing the suds and the last grit and dirt with water pressure inside the rug.

D – Removing the water in the carpet with a particular sucker machine

4 – Whitening the tassels

5 - Eliminating bad smell

After completing the process of cleaning, our dedicated experts will inspect thoroughly every corner of your carpet, and if they discover any other issues which might need attention, they will resolve the problem.

We are fully insured and we also guarantee that if you are not satisfied with the standard of ourcleaning, we would not expect you to pay a penny.

Rug moth prevention treatment

Whenever you have us professionally clean your wool rugs, we also offer a Moth Treatment.
Once this treatment has been applied to your clean rug, the wool will no longer have an appealing taste to the moths; therefore your carpet is safe from moth damage again.

We are based in London NW11 but our most activity areas in the field of professional rug repair, professional Persian rug restoration, professional Oriental rug repair, professional rug cleaning, addition to Central London are: Barnet, Camden, Kensington and Chelsea, Hammersmith and Fulham, Bexley, Bromley, Kingston upon Thames, Wands worth, Richmond upon Thames.

Inside Greater London we have:

7 days Free Pick-up and Delivery service

Out of greater London we can arrange a collection from anywhere in the UK with our guaranteed Courier Services, and deliver them back to you in Perfect condition.

We want Oriental Rug Cleaners to be the only choice for your professional Rug Services.


Cleaning Price

If required we can also provide you with a replacement of your rug, similar to yours, while is still under renovation.

Wool £2.95 per square ft
Wool & Silk £3.45 per square ft
Silk £3.95 per square ft

Sales & Exchange

If required we can also provide you with a replacement of your rug, similar to yours, while is still under renovation.

Tel: 074 7640 4242

 68 Bridge Lane London NW11 0EJ


Call Us Now

020 70417765
Tel: 074 7640 4242

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Oriental Rug Cleaners is run by A Team of professionals. Who have built up an impeccable reputation throughout UK, Iran, and the Netherlands. As one of the most experienced, qualified and dedicated carpet & rug care professionals in their industry.

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