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Our Rug repair services:

Backed to years of scientific and practical experience in Persian Carpet production and services, we claim that we can repair any damage to any Persian Carpet and other Oriental rugs such as Turkish rug, Afghans carpet, Indian rug, Chinese silk rug, Turkmen rug, Kazaks, Pakistani and all other modern or classic rugs as well Kilim and Tapestries.

  1. Fringe damage                         
  2. Sides damage                  
  3. Rupture repair             
  4. Burn damage repair                                                       
  5. Moth damage repair
  6. Any kind of Pet damage repair
  7. Overcoming carpet rot
  8. Patching or re-weaving a hole
  9. Resizing the rug
  10. Antique Carpet Expertize restoration

Our Rug services regarding Repair and total Restoration all come with a guarantee.

Fringes can damage by vacuums, pets, and general foot-traffic. They can also be permanently damaged by over-zealous rug and carpet cleaners who attempt to whiten them by using harsh bleaches. The level of damage and quality of a carpet will determine the repair work that needs on a rugs' fringe.
Securing a fringe as many aspects of rug care is very important. It is a reasonably quick an inexpensive repair and prevents any further damage and costly repairs.

If you do not wish to lose a couple of rows of knots, there is the option to have new fringes woven into the rug. Carrying out this repair means that even if parts of an original end have worn away the pile of the carpet does not need to be lost. This option is for rugs that in repairing by removing knots would disturb its appearance, affecting its border; or for more valuable rugs which are perhaps investment quality and you would like to keep in as original condition as possible.

Persian Rug Repair
                               Before                                                       After

Free Pickup & Delivery

so why not restore the beauty of your Oriental or Area rugs today.

Call now for your free estimate.Our friendly staff will arrange a convenient time for our drivers to come to your home and pickup your rugs.

Cleaning Price

If required we can also provide you with a replacement of your rug, similar to yours, while is still under renovation.

Wool £2.95 per square ft
Wool & Silk £3.45 per square ft
Silk £3.95 per square ft

Sales & Exchange

If required we can also provide you with a replacement of your rug, similar to yours, while is still under renovation.

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Oriental Rug Cleaners is run by A Team of professionals. Who have built up an impeccable reputation throughout UK, Iran, and the Netherlands. As one of the most experienced, qualified and dedicated carpet & rug care professionals in their industry.

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